Energy transition

We believe that natural gas has a fundamental role in the energy transition towards a decarbonized and circular economy. Our growth strategy accepts the challenge launched by the European Green Deal: to lead Italy to carbon neutrality by 2050. A commitment which we live up to also by improving our environmental footprint day by day. 

With the Green Deal, Europe has set the ambitious goal of decarbonising the economy by 2050. A scenario in which natural gas plays a key role and gas distribution networks will be leading players, becoming capable of transporting gas which is renewable and with a low carbon content, and subsequently synthetic gases and hydrogen.

The role of natural gas and its transport networks in decarbonisation

I want Europe to become the first climate neutral continent in the world by 2050

U. Von Der Leyen
EU Commission, President December 2019
 The path towards a zero-emission economy

The gas sector and the energy transition

The role of gas distribution networks in the energy transition

Serving the country’s energy future

Our distribution network runs throughout the country over more than 74,000 km, bringing energy to millions of people and businesses. Our strategic plan envisages investments for over 3 billion Euro to modernise and develop the infrastructure, to make it capable of transporting biomethane and other renewable gases.

We are working to create modern networks, where maintenance programs are not traditional but are predictive, driven by the operating data collected in real time through new integrated sensors. 

7.757 million

active meters


investments in the
distribution network
vs 2020

74,396.6 km

distribution network

Focus on the environment

We run our business with the desire to guarantee compatibility between the infrastructure and the local territory, to efficiently manage environmental resources and limit environmental impact. In this light, Italgas promotes actions and projects aimed at reducing environmental impacts caused by its business processes.


total emissions
vs 2020


fugitive emissions/km of network
vs 2020


gas leakage rate
vs 2020

Focus and projects


Integration of green gases into the networks