We are active protagonists in an essential sector for the country’s development and people’s lives. We wish to grow on a solid basis, making use of all the opportunities offered by the evolution in the global context and continuing to offer a safe and reliable service to the territories we serve.

The breadth of our network makes us protagonists in the life of communities, participants in the development of society and a reference point in building sustainable growth.

The development of the business

We are following a growth path based on financial solidity as a means to take up every opportunity for growth which our know-how lets us benefit from.

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Our business model

To create shared value in response to the expectations of all stakeholders, we have adopted an integrated business model which can use all its capital as inputs to achieve strategic goals and create value in the short, medium and long term. The adoption of transparent and responsible governance involving stakeholders is one of the essential components in our way of working. 

An excellent and widespread service

We carry out our work with a sense of pride. We aim to improve and develop our operating excellence, aiming at the continuous improvement of our way of working.

How do we work?


cathodic protection measures


Municipalities where we manage gas distribution

6 meetings

with consumer associations

Participating in the life of the local territory

We invest in the territories where we are present by promoting social, cultural and environmental initiatives based on criteria of transparency, correctness and impartiality. We want to promote the development and cohesion of the communities where we operate, recognising the central role of stakeholders and their needs, to create both social and economic value.

1.2 million €

and grants

1,681.1 million €

distributed value

Focus and projects

Toscana energia:
“Draw your energy!”

Heritage lab

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