How will networks develop?

The constant commitment to improve the network

We are certain that our networks will continue to be reliable: the continuity and the safety of the service supplied are the key principles of our business and of the commitment which we take forward on a daily basis. We invest in innovation and the renewal of the network to continue to keep the high standards which we have always guaranteed.

The focus on safety starts from the careful choice of the routes established for the network infrastructure in the design stage, continues with the use of increasingly innovative materials which are suitable for the site, develops with the construction of the networks in compliance with the relevant laws and, finally, consolidates through specific plans for the operation and maintenance of the networks, in order to keep unaltered over time the quality and performance expected along the path of continuous improvement in performance and technology. 

3.1 billion €

investments in repurposing, improving and upgrading existing infrastructure
in the Strategic Plan 2021-2027

+1,339 KM

distribution network in
operation in 2021

Digitalisation to support the energy transition

Innovating, renovating and digitalising networks and processes, to prepare the system for the energy transition. The digital transformation is one of our priority commitments, since it will enable us to play a leading role in the country’s decarbonisation with networks ready to distribute renewables gases – such as biomethane, synthetic methane and green hydrogen – and which can be monitored in real time.

1.4 billion €

investments in digitalisation
in the Industrial Plan 2021-2027

868.6 thousand

new smart metres installed
in 2021

Network and service designed for end users

Our choices always arise from careful consideration of the context with which we are faced and from constant dialogue with all the stakeholders. The constantly evolving needs of end users and the desire to offer a service that keeps up with technological innovation and which is of the highest quality are the stimuli which drive us to constantly improve our networks.


punctuality in appointments
made with customers


Compliance with the maximum time frame to arrive on site following a call for emergency intervention
(>quality target)