How will the business grow over time?

Our strategic plan 2021-2027 envisages investments for 7.9 billion Euro to extend the network, complete the digital transformation and lead the energy transition by boosting the development of renewable gases and energy efficiency.

We grow together with local territories and communities

What we do every day has a positive impact on the environment and society and generates shared value with local territories and communities.


value generated distributed
to stakeholders
2021 vs 2020


Fugitive emissions/
km network
2021 vs 2020


new recruits
in 2021

Find out more, the Integrated Report 2021

We are growing solidly

Also last year, in a context of substantial economic recovery, albeit in part limited by the ongoing healthcare emergency and by the sharp rise in energy prices, our performance confirmed the constant growth trend which started with the return to the Stock Market in November 2016.

1,370.8 ML

Adjusted total revenues
+2.8% vs 2020

1,008.9 ML

adjusted EBITDA
+4.1% vs 2020

583.2 ML

adjusted EBIT
+6.2% vs 2020

We invest to keep growing responsibly

In our vision, the sustainability goals are integrated with the economic performance goals. A choice which lets us contribute, through our investments, to the country’s energy transition process.

7.9 billion €

envisaged by the Industrial Plan 2021-2027

1.4 billion €

investments for
in 2021-2027

1 billion €

for new infrastructure
in 2021-2027