Through the digital transformation of our networks we want to be protagonists in the country’s energy transition.

The evolution of the current gas distribution infrastructure towards a smart, flexible and digital model is one of the main objectives in our Strategic Plan. Enhancing and innovating infrastructure digitally means enabling the gas distribution system for the energy transition. 

Why digitalise gas distribution networks?

Our digital transformation has continued to effectively support the achievement of sustainability targets 

The digital innovation of our networks

Innovation is the main driver of our growth strategy. Technological innovation is the key to our ability to consolidate leadership in Italy and in Europe, confirming our cutting-edge positioning in the gas distribution sector.

1.4 billion €

investments for digitalisation of networks in the Plan 2021-2027


investments in innovation
vs previous Industrial Plan

146.7 million €

investments in
in 2021

The digitalisation of corporate processes

The digital transformation also involves processes and people. Our Digital Factory is transforming the way of working, with digital innovations designed to improve everyday operations. What we are creating inside the Group is a digital culture which is shared by all the people involved in training, refresher and digital reskilling programs.

Digitalisation at the centre of the energy transition


hours of training
on digitalisation issues

New digitalized payroll

launch of a new system for all employees from 2022

Focus and projects


Digital Factory:
Innovation hub